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Question For Ez-Robot: 3D Printed Parts

I have a quick question which I guess anyone can answer:

How are the parts printed(I.E. servos, six parts, etc.)? Which orientation and what order are they printed in? Are there any parts that needed supports? If someone can answer these it will help me a lot with future ideas.


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From what I've read there are many different methods. Some like to use rafts, some don't bother, some use supports others don't or don't use as many. Some print a batch (whatever fits on the plate) others do things one by one. I guess it depends on the printer and your personal preference.

The 3D print company I use print with nylon, they will print whatever fits in a 100x100x100 cube (they do print bigger too if needed). They will organise the parts to fit in that cube to maximise printed parts and minimise empty space.

I am sure you will get a bunch of different answers here.


So your talking about adding to the print Anthony? Would you have an example?


if printing using abs filament to print, more things to do. heated bed temp.

if printing using pla filament to print, how long to run fan.

if using dual print head more things to set.

see here about printing in action:

last few posts show printing a camera mount for ez-robot v4 camera, bottom first page.



The waffle or honeycomb support is what I use. I have found that this support is by far the best for my reprap.

I print ABS at 270 with a hotbed at 110. I started down the path of 2 hotends but decided that I like things more simple. There is enough that can go wrong with 3d printing to worry about dual hotends. Actually, every dual hotend printer I have seen has had one of the two hotends down. I Because the other one is printing, people tend to ignore messing with the one that is down.

The best advice I can give you is to get really good filament. Cheap stuff will have you chasing your tail. I also use a relay and a second power supply for my hotbed. I find it makes the machine run better.


Thanks Anthony. I thought it might be more but guess not. Can printers get that thin? User-inserted image


Thanks a lot man. I get it now. I didn't realize the printer can go that small.


Ant what you say is true for your printer and software.

I have a different printer (Lulzboth TAZ) and software (Simplify3D). I can adjust even more.


p.s. this may help you understanding 3d printing:



Ant, I had to make some adjustment to settings for profiles. Put it on back burn till after move to fl.