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Resolved Resolved by rb550f!

Question About Omnibot Motors

On the omnibot2000, there are 8 wires coming from the drive train. I assume that two are for each Left and Right Motors and two are for the encoders each left and right.

does anyone know the color code of how to know which ones are motors and which ones are encoders?

Thanks, I have Red/Brown, purple/gray, orange/yellow, and Blue/blue.



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On my regular Omnibot, Red/Brown=Motor and Yellow/Orange=Motor.

I'd say your remaining colors are the encoders.
Brown and red are for the right motor.orange and yellow are for the left motor.purple and white.Could be gray or white wires . Go to drive train hi/lo shift motor in gear box .the two blue wires are for hi-low sensor switch. purple and gray wires should not be reversed can damage internal sensor switch.