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Question About Mimo Monitors-Anyone

As you know, I was planning to put a mimo monitor on Sunshine's chest. I just got it in yesterday. I installed the drivers on the desktop and it looked good.

I installed the drivers on the netbook that I was going to use with the EZB. It is an Acer ONE netbook.

When I installed the drivers on it, I set it up for Landscape to start out with. That worked fine. Next I simply went in and changed Landscape to portrait. That is when HOURS of Frustration happened. the top part of the monitor shows exactly correct,but the whole bottom half of it is Smeared where you cannot read it. It took me SOOOooo long to get back where it was in the Landscape mode because I could not see the screen.

Anyone have ANY ideas what I can do. I have reinstalled drivers, updated and rebooted.


Desperate! :(

P.S. It took me hours and hours, but I figured it out. I had to place the netbook in a special configuration and also the mimo monitor and I had to lower the resolution. But , all is well now.

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Smeared? Like scrambled almost?

It could be the resolution you have it set to.


Seems like I could only set it to one resolution, but I will try to set it to another. It is not like scrambled and loosing synch with horizontal and vertical. It looks more like if you have a freshly baked cake and had a photo on top of it made out of icing and you just wiped across it, it would smear.

Thanks, I am afraid to try it because it took me many hours to get it back.

I will call up the factory Next week and see if they can help me.

Thank You!

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It sounds like a driver or resolution problem to me. When you reinstalled the drivers did you download them again to make sure they weren't corrupt during download?


Yes, everyone tells me that I already HAVE the latest driver.


After many many hours of fooling with the monitor, I finally got it to show the screen in a portait mode that I could see without smear. I had to set the regular video card to the same settings and lower the resolution. Anyway, I figured it out.

Thank You very much for your support! :)


Uninstall the driver and reinstall , also look up the resolution of the monitor in portrait mode and be sure that's what you are setting it for before you save the settings to change to portrait mode. Also if it's a netbook I recommend that being a second monitor not the primary.