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Resolved Resolved by edison2!

Question About Hbridge

I don't remember, I think I asked this question B-4. I got many conflicting answers.

I am building the Omni3000 robot. So far I have purchased an H-Bridge to control the left and right motors.

DO I need an H-Bridge for each ARM? some say yes and some say no.

Where do I go to find out for sure?

Why can't I simply run the motor in the shoulders and elbos , wrist and grippers by simply hooking up to a Digital port and using a separate battery for that heavy duty servo? I WILL have a regulator hooked up regulating it to a Maximum of 12vdc. When I hook the servo up directly, it blows the fuse on the EZB. But, THIS time I have it regulated and it's own 12volt supply. So, I don't understand why it wouldn't work this way. I have not tried it.

Ok, I think I remember someone saying "If it is a motor, it needs an Hbridge." "If it is a servo it does NOT need an HBridge."

Is this correct? Please advise.




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What are you using to move the arms?

You need a H-Bridge for every motor you use. A lot of H-Bridges are dual so can operate 2 motors.

You can't power a motor from the EZ-B, the EZ-B doesn't provide enough current on the signal pin and most of the time the motors will draw more than the current that the EZ-B can provide in total (5A).

I don't quite follow where you went in that. How do you imagine to connect up the shoulder, elbow etc. motors to the EZ-B and provide a 12v supply? A motor has 2 wires on it. However, then you go on to mention 12v servos. Which are you using? Motors or servos?
Yes is correct! If it is a motor, it needs an Hbridge." "If it is a servo it does NOT need an HBridge.
Why? because a servo uses lower energy than a conventional motor...
BUT if the servo that you are using is taking a lot of energy from ezb I can give you a solution, you have to use only the signal from ezb and the power directly from another external voltage regulator

Good Luck!
@ RICH, I am using servos to move the arms. Sorry for the wording. My mind is foggy.

@Edison2, I think you clarified it more.

Thank You Both!