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Query Involving Ez Robot Servo Motors

hello people, can i get some help here. I am buying the kit and wanted to know if the continuous servo motors are capable to fly a small quadcopter that i would like to make for my project?


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Hi Abdun,

First of all, no need to create 3 posts for one question.
Second, no. The Continuous servo motors cannot be used for a small quadcopter. They are too slow.
sorry for the three posts due to my slow internet connect and thanks a lot for the reply. So, is it possible if i buy a motor powerful enough to provide the power for the lift and connect it to the ez-robot board?
Everything's possible, except building a quadcopter using the EZ-B;)

It just won't work properly. You'd need to have a gyroscope to keep it level, and the serial communication will not be fast enough.
Yes you should be able to do that. To my knowledge EZ will support any servo you plug into it.

[edit] Niek is right about the gyroscope though. You could hook the servo up to the EZB but that alone won't get you flying. [/edit]
Continuous servos are far too slow to turn a prop. Look at hobbyking.com for starter kits and frames to get you going.
thanks alot for the replies everyone. By the way i was thinking of using my android phone for gyroscope and accelerometer input readings and to build a pid controller using those readings. any suggestions on that?
Anything that flies needs a much higher sample rate and accuracy. I'm afraid a android phone won't do it for you. There are quadcopter control boards with good ones built in on the internet by the hundreds. Check out that website I recommended.
i did check out the website but i am still confused. Is it possible if i can attach a gyro and an accelerometer sensor externally with good sampling rate. and if yes then any suggestions where can i find one?
also, i want to make the quadcopter autonomous not controlled with a controller so i ignored the hobbyking copter. if it is possible with the hobbyking copter then do let me know.
Diydrones.com has neat ideas in this area. Their forum developed tools to do this

This is autonomous andnpc is only used to send periodic waypoints to a drone but otherwise fly's autonomous. This is not ideal for ezb because of range and bandwidth limitations as ezb actually uses the PC as its CPU.
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Since at this point its not a ezb project you will want to pickup the discussion and post on diydrones. Cya there;)
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