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Quad In The Making With Io Tiny And Micro Servos

I have printed this quadraped and I am building it.


I am using these servos:

Tower Pro SG90S Micro Servos


The voltage range is Operating voltage: 3.0V~7.2V . I was planning on using one of the these batteries...


This is the same type shipped with my Roli.

I believe this is all compatible.

Any pointers from the community when doing a walker and using frames?

I appreciate input.

Attached is my build so far...

User-inserted image


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Ooooh hope you have a bunch of spare servos:) those little servos don’t last long!

This is a great project for the IoTiny - well done!

The Auto Position is fun to start from scratch with. There’s a few good videos on the Auto Position manual page that show how to use it. The videos are the best option to learn with bexause you get to see it happen in real-time.

Have fun and can’t wait to see the results:)