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Q4 Controller

Saw this posted on the R2 forums.

This would be a neat controller to interface with the EZ-B.

Q4 Controller


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oh! thats looks awesome......i was going to ask Sures to add more buttons the the joystick interface....for instance adding the d pad....

This looks awesomely super duper fantastic! I love happy faces and smiles.
I saw that controller recently!

Would be amazing for EZ-B. I would rather buy that than a used XBOX 360 controller! Bluetooth and all.

DJ? If this survives (which it looks like based on the backers and pledges it will) can you pleeeeaaase incorporate it into EZ-B?

The only way that could work is if you had some xbee/joystick convert software on the computer. And because it is an open source Microcontroller that requires programming, that'd be a complicated process. There must be a USB equalevant?