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New Zealand
Asked — Edited

Pushvar - Error: Invalid Namespace Or Cell

Hey Team

While I can successfully get PushVar to work using the exemplar in ARC I can't seem to get it to work with my Username...

This works...


10 # Send a random value to the DJ Sures public "test" cell on the EZ-Cloud
20 $rand = GetRandomUnique(0, 10)
30 PushVar("DJ Sures", "test", $rand)

This does not...


10 # Send a random value to my namespace on the EZ-Cloud
20 $rand = GetRandomUnique(0, 10)
30 PushVar("Tameion", "test", $rand)

Console responds with:
> Error on line 5: Error pushing data to EZ-Cloud tameion.test: Error: Invalid Namespace or Cell
Done (00:00:01.1342820)

Only help I can find on the subject says that the namespace is normally the username of the owner.

Any thoughts?


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United Kingdom
As far as I'm aware the cloud for variables is still not up and running. It's showing the same error it was showing when the command was first added anyway so I guess it's still incomplete.
New Zealand
Thanks Rich - as always a fast and informative reply....

I'll leave this open for a few days to see if DJ Sures or one of the team at HQ have anything further to add.

- Wayne (Tameion)
Ironically you have read my mind:) must be those office cams! It's on my list for my next development isolation... I start it this weekend.