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Proplem With Firmware Update

Good afternoon DJ. Sures.

My name is SAKIS . I have the ez-b kit about 5 month. I have a problem with the update firmware V6.5, I did the steps to up date but i can't . This is the message that i saw when i try to update.........

Attempting connection to COM18
EZ-B reports EZ-B Firmware V6.5
T+NAMEsakissending ping
sending ping
sending bootloader
Failed to load bootloader!
Have you selected the correct EZ-B COM port? Use the Help menu option to view the online help and watch a video demonstration.




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Hello, are you certain that is the EZ-B port? There was never a 6.5 version.
Hello DJ Sures ,

I'm sure that i select the correct port , when i try to connect to ez-b i was read the follow message:

invalid Firmware Version.Please upgrade.
EZ- B Reports v 6.5This copy of ARC requires V16

That error message is because the device you are connecting to is returning a value that the software is mis understanding. My suggestion is to delete the bluetooth EZ-B device, and re-add it. Use the tutorial found on the tutorial page here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Default.aspx?id=5

PS, capital letters are not necessary:)

I'll try right now!
Sorry for the capital letters.
No DJ.

I disconnect the bluetooth device and i connect again with the new ports and i install again the ez-b set up ,but again the same message:

invalid Firmware Version.Please upgrade.
EZ- B Reports v 6.5This copy of ARC requires V16

Any other suggestion? *confused*
How many communication ports are displayed in the drop down of the firmware updater?
6 ports

I Know which is the right port.
New Zealand
Hi sakis33 are you absolutely sure it's not a COMS related issue?

I discovered the exact same thing when I connected my EZ-B to the wrong COM port on my desktop PC when doing the previous update.

I even received the same confused 'old version' alert you did.

So I made sure nothing was connected to my EZ-B and tried again but still nothing!

So I had a look through the system manager to find which COMS post I need to connect to and discovered I had a COM10 listed as incoming and COM11 as out going...

(I had been earlier in the week working with setting up a few different Arduino boards for a school project.. A Duelaminovae, Leonardo and Freetronics Ether Mega to be specific).

Fortunately all was easily solved by swapping the COM port I had connected to and trying again.

I think it was just the way the system set up the bluetooth stack as the behaviour is different again when using my Toshiba laptop.

- Wayne
A good way to test, is attempt a connection to the COM port you keep using - but do not power the EZ-B.
Hello and thanks for the replay :P

I look through the system manager to find the 2 coms , COM 6 Outgoing and COM 8Incoming with name sakis.

I use COM 6 to connect with EZ-B but i can't now.

How can i swapping the COM port and try again?

Thanks again for the already help

I think that is a problem of your computer... something wrong with the driver... try in another computer? this was the solution for me!:)
But I have two lap top pc and a I have the same connection problem for both of them .
Simply select the correct COM port - do not try to swap them in software, or you will confuse Windows.

My solution is to visit Bluetooth Devices and remove the EZ-Robot device. Reboot your computer. Use the Tutorial section and follow the instruction on how to add the EZ-B to your computer. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to determine what COM port the EZ-B was detected.

Everything can be resolved by following the instructions provided to you:)
Hello DJ again.

unfortunately i didn't found a solution.

I did the same "steps'...

I vist bluetooth Device and i remove the EZ-B Robot device, then i restart my PC .After that i connect the EZ-B to my PC with the Bluetooth with two ports com 16, com17 , i use the lower com16 .
When i try to connect with ARC software i saw the same message *confused*

I have the problem wen i try to connect the mp3 trigger v2 , i don't know if mp3 trigger created the problem
The MP3 Trigger does not use the EZ-B firmware. I'm unsure what you mean by connecting the MP3 Trigger v2