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Project X-Men

Project X-Men Over the last few months I have accumulated several EZ-Robot candidates. Two of the robots I'm 90% complete on what I want to do with them, the others I'll wait to see when the EZ Revolution begins what I can possibly do. Thank you "DJ" for giving us a great platform to work with

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I have tested the Brookstone Rover and found that works very well with the EZB.

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This one, I modified an old Heng Long tank, and added an IP camera, distance sensor, and one H-Bridge. I'm still working on the sensor. I thinking of adding a second layer in the rear, and add on an Airsoft Missile, MP3 Trigger, and Speaker.

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The Robosapien is complete with just a little more programming to do.

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I have an Omnibot 5402 I have stripped down. The DC motors work just fine. I had to order a new 6 volt battery

I just received the RAD 2.0 today, and all looks well. I'm thinking of mounting the Skull I found at a garage sale to the Rad.

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I have the Omnibot 5402 that I'm working on now.

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Finally theres Brian the Brain for a future project.

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I am now concentrating on the first member of my version of the X-Men "Ghost Rider"

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I have installed a servo to work the mouth. It works very well with "Sound Servo". I would like to have the mouth move as he talks, but i'm not there yet.

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I have the eye sockets in place, and, I'm going to install som BlinkM's

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The skull is large enough to place an MP3 Trigger. I have found that the Mini-Rechargable Bomb speaker works very well with the MP3 Trigger. Just plug it into the MP3 Trigger, and you have sound coming from the robot.

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The Omnibot 5402 will be the base for the Ghost Rider. I will be adding a LCD panel, and a Airsoft Cannon.

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Great collection I like the tank looks mean


PROJECTS look very good,i am up too 93 robots now ,a lot will use EZB


About the Heng Long tank, did you have to modify anything with the motors or did you just plug them in in the H-bridge. I have a Heng Long tank as well and I have modified it but now I'm thinking of adding the ez-b. :)

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Is it possible to remove this particular reply? I made a mistake... sleep


@iamsuperman: I have the motors connected directly to the H-Bridge.


Ok, great, I just have to order the H-bridge and then have some fun:) Great robot(s) by the way

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@iamsuperman, you can't remove posts, just edit it and remove the mistake:) We all make them from time to time.

@joseph4760, a nice little collection there, have you got the pan/tilt of the IP camera working in ARC yet?


@iamsuperman: Thank you! I like your tank! Go with the EZ-B. You won't be sorry.

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Cool, I was going to say the HTTPGet commands for the API should work with it since most IP cams like yours use the same API/code. I just set up similar for my IP cams so was asking in case you hadn't:)


@joseph THANKS for sharing the code,i have 6 IP camera's on the outside of my house. Looking to use one for one of my robot designs. Might look at uploading the full robot code to EZ-CLOUD,when you are finished.


@iamsuperman Awesome tank, Is that a GoPro camera( I think that'a the name )? The one that surfers and skimboarders have been mounting on their boards a lot lately?


What an awesome bunch of robots! I have that same tank that I am using for the drive section of my modified omnibot (Gunslinger BOB).


@IAMSUPERMAN I think i have GOPRO camera or one like it and heard its a very good camera.


@Antron007: Thanxs! :) Yes it a gGoPro camera, but version 2 i.e. it's a non wifi camera that was released later after my purchase. Have a look at


@iamsuperman - Cool thanks for the info.


This is a great collection of hackable robots!

(Dr. Venkman, our PKE meter is going off the charts!)


@TROY you are a funny guy,its good some humor in this forum.