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Problem With Speech Recognition

Hello to all,
When I load my program with my speech recogition controll and it's commads saved from the previous save, the control does not work. If I delete it and load a new one it works fine. What is up with that?


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i'm having speech recognition problems too, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. seems never to understand "right" and i'm changing microphone setting on different numbers to experiment. i'm saying loud and soft, also changing my accent to be like i'm from canada and not working!
anyway what order do we connect things?
we plug in servos, then open speech recognition, then config,

or open speech, config, then plug up servos?
I wouldn't think that that would have an effect.
I can't seem to replicate the issue you are having. Are you sure the mic isn't too high? Or too low?

I have mine set at:

User-inserted image
It definitely is not the mic. I load the program and it does not work. I delete the control and replace it with a new one and presto, it works with all mic commands writen on the screen. Very perplexing. PS My mic is set the same.
This new version may have done it. I just tried loading anew twice and it works fine.
DJ i have some ideas you may want to add to the next version, where can i email some ideas?
ok thanks.
i sure wish i could be notified when someone replies to my post. i just now noticed you replied to my post i made 8 days ago:(
i think you said you turned it off so we wouldnt get a lot of junk mail.

maybe if i used the RSS feed i would see that someone replied to my message? or maybe it just shows their new posting?
I just look at the New Posts on the main Forum page. It lists all new posts ordered by date (From recent to past). That way, you can see what the current active conversations are too.
I am also having problems with the speech recognition! I wrote a script called "dance please". this is what I did:
Clicked on "Add control"
clicked on "speech"
clicked on "speech recognition"
widow opened.
I added the phrase: "dance please" followed by: controlcommand("dance please", scriptstart)
clicked on "save"


clicked on "Add control"
clicked on "scripting"
clicked on "script"
I named the script: Dance please
First line: #Gizmo does his dance routine
second line: ReleaseAll()
third line:
I added all my servo movements (with sleep(1000) between each set of servo movements.

Ended with: ReleaseAll()
clicked on "save"

I then clicked on "start" in the script window and the dance routine ran correctly.
When I say " Dance please" An error window pops up that says:
Window named dance please does not exsist. Can not send scriptstart.

I believe I did all the scripting correctly. Is it me or is there a bug somewhere?
I also added this to speech recognition: Phrase: "What is your name"
followed by: controlcommand("say", scriptstart)
I wrote a script window and named it "say"
I first line I wrote: say(hello my name is Gizmo)
saved it.
When I said "What is your name" I got the response: "My name is Gizmo".
Since I have been having difficulty I wanted a reality check.
Thank you
No bugs, check over and over. Look at the tutorails. You'll figure it out:)
Alrighty then. I'll do that! BTW. I had a sucess today! I got two scripts to work!!!! My first sucess! I got my bot to Say "My name is Gizmo" when I ask , "What is your name? The second, I say "Gizmo" and the bot turns his head to the left, to the right, and back to center! I realize it may not be much to advanced users, but it was such a feeling of acomplishment for me!! As Wall e would say TADA!!
haha @lostcreekstation I was exactly the same when i first said "what is you name" and he went "Waaalll-e" :) my dog was giving me weird looks cause i was bouncing around so happy :P

Im not home right now so cant test this, but i noticed you had the ControlCommand script start as "dance please" but you wrote the script as been called "Dance please"
Could it be that the command is case sensitive so the lowed case "d" and uppercase "D" is mucking it up?

Oh and love the name Gizmo byt he way! my parents dog is called that, and i have Gizmo from Gremlins bobblehead on my desk at work :)
gunny did the robot's voice come out of your laptop or out of your robot?
The sound came out of the laptop. But now ive purchased one of those mp3 triggers that DJ did video about so im in process of putting the sounds on that with micro SD card and then play them through speaker attached to that in wall-e.
yea i ordered an mp3 trigger also, waiting for it.
i'm going to order a wireless usb camera too, but i need to make sure it works for usa wall outlets. dj has them on this site

gunny can u upload your real pic to your avatar
Its not case sensitive. But, awesome to see u rocked your first personal robot experience!!
I have this problem with speech recognition
"select a valid language to this recognizer"
The language bar is plank, can't set any language there.
Is there different place where i can setup the language than in the speech recognition settings? *stress*

Never mind, it was because of my windows settings.
They were with Finnish language, that's why it couldn't find any language
and not recognizing speech.
hi all

sayezb(" hello guys " ) comming out the ezbv4

say(" hello guys " ) comming out your speakers,pc,laptop

for speech recog use atleast two words.