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Printing Out A Complete Six

Is it possible to print out a complete six robot. I guess I mean is there a complete set of stl files to do so? Thanks.



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Of course.... you just need to look in the 3D printing section on here...
Yes sir. I only find the top and feet though. I went over to thingiverse and found it all. Thanks again.

We've made it very easy and placed the files in many locations to be impossible to miss:)

1) As Richard said, you can click on the 3d printing button at the top of community section and access ALL the parts.

2) Otherwise, you can view the PRODUCTS section and select the robot that you're interested in. There is a tab on EVERY robot product page titled CAD FILES. You will find the stl files per robot in that respective tab.

3) Load ARC and load the robot project that you wish to print. There are buttons to view the assembly instructions. Press the INSTRUCTIONS button in ARC and the stl files are all visible, including buttons to print directly from the ARC software with your selected printer software

4) Lastly, the files can be obtained by thingiverse as you discovered.


I only find the top and feet though.

Then you're not looking very hard... All the stls (and some derivatives) needed to build all the Revolution robots are in the 3d printing section. With the exception of Roli that is....