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New Zealand

Was a bit of a mission printing but we're almost there!

Now .... wheere will I find batteries in time for next lesson!

United Kingdom

Loving it in red.


great to see in red. How long to print each piece?

:):):) :)



I have to agree. That red looks great.


That red looks awesome!

New Zealand

After a number of miss fires I guess it would have taken four or five three hour sessions to print ...

Turns out that shrinkage with ABS is the biggest enemy but we are learning to work with it.

The longer something takes to print the more shrinkage there is for the sections closest to the build plate.

Once I worked out which way round to print each bracket I then grouped them together on the new software raft Makerbot's latest upgrade provided.

For some parts orientation is not so critical like the feet for example... the tip can be a bit off and you can get away with it ...but for the servo adapter visible in the top image it was essential that the print was perfect.

@DJSures One thing that did catch me was the need to cut off one of the screw connectors off the servo.... to allow freedom of movement... I am very reluctant to do this as I need to re-use the servos in other student projects... perhaps a redesign of the bracket is in order?