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Preorder Time

I think 2 months waiting-time for one sensor or camera is not appropriate.
that's it - all what I wanna say.



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Please Contact Us for a full refund to cancel your order if you need - as you have ordered a pre-order item, which we take extra effort to ensure it's clear to customers. The buttons are labelled to Pre-Order instead of Add To Cart. There is a message on each item which is in Pre-Order state informing the time frame.

As the message on pre-order product states Pre-Order is our way of crowd funding the manufacturing of the item. Obtaining pre-order is allowing people to pre-purchase the product before it is manufactured to help support our little company develop more products:)

For more information on Pre-Order items, visit a product in our store with pre-order status and read the disclaimer. Otherwise, google search for Crowd Funding, etc... And you will find a great amount of information regarding that approach and how it assists with manufacturing.

In the meantime, Contact Us for a full refund to cancel your order - as we're quite flexible to understand not everyone is comfortable with pre-ordering.
I don't mind waiting for pre order it help a small company and secondly this particular firm is more than generous to its costumers so if you have a little patience good things come to those who wait
dear DJ,
I need the items.
one month ago I destroyed my ez-robot cam, now I cannot use my EZ-Robot for long time, because you have no cam ready to ship and I cannot use another cam, because the EZB-4 works only with the EZ-Robot cam.
thats what Im talking about..
one item is missing = nothing works for long time.. and its
unknown how long I have to wait for a new cam ^^!

by the way:
hot glue destroys the cam.. because the cam is glued, too..
the cam-glue is dissolving by the heat.

I see:
both, the
4-in-1 Orientation Sensor
and cam have no more pre-order status
and I only bought that items:D

hope on the horizon:P

two months ago the preorder says: waiting time = 2 weeks - 1 month, now the current preorder articles are updated till 3 months and thats a better info I think.

Marty, I have a brand new v4 camera I ordered, thinking it was the new hi res version. This is the standard cam 640x480 camera. You can buy it from me if you wish. Do you have a PayPal account?

wow, that's a great Idea :-)
I want to buy the cam from you :-) So the preorder time doesn't matter ^^!
I have a great interest in working with your ALAN printed parts, too
maybe in future we can make a ALAN deal, because I have no 3D printer at home.

yes I have paypal :-)
send a pn: info@aibo-factory.de
Sorry somehow missed your response. I'll send you an invoice thru PayPal. It will ship usps flat rate box, which is about $30.00 shipping international plus the camera cost.
Sent Paypal invoice, check your mail.
perfect, I pay tomorrow :-)