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Can we ask how the pre-order shipments are going?

I got a message to say I was in Group 2 to ship on or around Jan 3.

Any updates?



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@iskandershah depends on the shipping method you chose if it is trackable. rarely do ppl pay the additional $20 for tracking information, depends on that.

nearly all packages will say the same thing on tracking information. you can eventually use the tracking number in your local postal service tracking website. that will usually work.
@DJ Sures hey buddy just to check with you.. has the shipping priced increased or something cause my order was

1-753 12/26/2011 5:20:10 AM $249.79 Step 3) Shipped
.EZ-Robot Complete Kit ($212.00) - 0.8000

and i am not sure if i have chosen Air mail for $37.79?
That is correct. When you purchased, there is a drop down that allows you to select the shipping method. There are a few shipping methods, and they are calculated in realtime from the shipping company. The slight delay you experience before that page is our server querying the shipping company with weight and size information to obtain shipping cost to your destionation.

The cost of shipping for you was Small Packets Air ($37.79)

If you did not choose air mail, your package come by boat, and that would take about 2 months.
Ok so mine is an air mail expected to come 6-10 days... right...?
@iskandershah when you are given the option to select the shipping method, there are links that give you information on each method. You are in singapore, we are in canada, so that will be international shipping.

international shipping: click

usa shipping: click

within canada shipping: click

we put all information online for you. I'm very picky about that. I also push to make sure the links are not hidden. That is why you can find everything on ez-robot.com.

So, if you are asking if ez-robot can guarantee delivery time, then that answer is no. We are a manufacturer of hardware and software for our robot platform. We are not a shipping company :). When purchasing, you agree to the shipping contract with the shipping company. The shipping options you are presented with during purchase is your interaction with them. You are purchasing a shipping option from the shipping company - you are not purchasing a shipping option from ez-robot. The information and links are presented to you with all information. Please take time to read the email from the shipping company that is sent to you, it explains in detail and has links to more informaiton.

If there is a delay in shipping by the shipping company - there is nothing ez-robot can do. It is your shipping purchase with the shippin company. You are allowed to contact them to discuss any issues you have.:)
Omg chill dj. Sorry I mean no offense:( was just curious about it. Don't worry I am not blaming EZ robot at any cost. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
@iskandershah lol no need to chill, there is nothign wrong:) clarification is important with shipping. Very important, because it is necessary to understand the relationship of the shipping purchase. We sell physical items, much like eBay or anywhere else. However, when it comes to shipping on the internet, people misunderstand what they are purchasing.

If I said "yes" to your question, EZ-Robot would be responsible for a timeframe of a service that is not within our control.:)
just recieved wireless camera, Thanks DJ & all your team ,well worth the wait modified as per tutorial brilliant pic quality.
Not easy to be patient when EZ is so amazing :)
Lesson for me has has been once item is shipped , DJ Delivers every time .

United Kingdom
Looks like the next batch is on its way out, I ordered on January 2nd and the order status went to Shipped this morning. Nice!
@steveburkett we've pulled an all-nighter:)
United Kingdom
Mine said shipped too:D
Ok so 10 days to a couple of weeks shipping, book some time off holiday....
Should have a live Wall.e by end of March!

The next project has already been selected, paint all tank *eek*
Nice mines listed shipped too! Yay can't wait to order my second ezb
United Kingdom
@DJ Sures

Just one little quick question...

Why is your monitor on the ceiling?
Don't you get neck ache?
Hi, My pre-order status still is step 2 and I paid on December 26. Any updates?

Mine just got here today. 10 days Canada post to US postal service Calgary to Maryland. Gonna build a little box bot this evening just to test things out.

United Kingdom
In case anyone's interested about costs of importing in to the UK, just received my EZ-Robot kit this morning.

Went for the more expensive Canada Post Xpress Post International option to the UK as I wanted to be able to track the package on its journey in case it went wayward. It took 5 days to make it from Calgary to the UK customs office, three days for them to process and hand off to ParcelForce, five days for ParcelForce to notify me of the customs payments required, and then a day for delivery after customs payment was made.

Customs paid on contents of a EZ-Robot kit & motor controller all worth $250 + postage came to 47.82 which breaks down to 34.32 for Import VAT and 13.50 for ParcelForce's UK customs admin fee.
United Kingdom
Thanks Steveburkett

Personally I think import tax is outrageous then to add insult to injury Parcelforce add on an admin fee for reading a label on the parcel *eek*
United Kingdom
I only used the normal postal option and I got mine in 10 days, and with the additional camera I had that in about the same.
So far no additional charges from the robbing b..... I mean TAX office.

Can't knock the EZ crew for their hard work!
I can not believe!
From Canadian post tracking history follows: it is sent from Canada on January, 20th...
Today is evening on February, 18th!
Maybe the Canadian mail has found a surface way to Israel???
I should look at the terrestrial globe once again!