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Power To Dodecagon Shell


In a nutshell, my question is how to connect a LiPo battery to an EZ-B v4/2 WiFi Robot Controller mounted on a Dodecagon shell.

I'm building a robot dog treat tosser from parts and I started by ordering an EZ-B controller, a LiPo Robot Battery and balancer charger, and a 3-servo motor arm with gripper.  Unexpectedly, the battery came inside the bottom part of a Dodecagon body (i.e. without the dome) and I realized that would be a great base part for the treat tosser.  However, there is no power circuitry in the Dodecagon.  There was a power circuit attached to the EZ-B as shipped, but the DC connector on that circuit is too large to fit inside the Dodecagon.

There must be a power circuit designed to fit in the Dodecagon, but I couldn't find it as an individual part on your website.  Can that part be ordered individually?  If it can, will that part plug directly into the LiPo battery or will it require a battery harness?

Thanks for your help,

-- Charlie


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Maybe I am unclear what you mean. The store bought Dodecagon body already has the battery and power connector installed in the Dodecagon base. All you have to do is pop the ezb4 controller into the base (see pictures below), switch it on and Bob's your Uncle... If you 3d printed the Dodecagon base then you need to build your own because there isn't a stand alone fused power connector available for the ezb4...

Does yours look like below? If not it's possible assembly accidentally left out the mini deans power connector in the dodecagon base...

The power connector is circled in red... User-inserted image

Bottom power connector on the ezb4 User-inserted image

The ezb4 sitting in the Dodecagon base User-inserted image


I interpret this as a packing error and they sent the Hexapod lower body with a battery. This is why the circuitry isn't there.

To answer the question, you can purchase a mini deans connector and glue it in position, or possibly purchase a power base which might have the same fuse circuit. Ez-robot unfortunately doesn't sell the fuse board separate, probably cause the ez-b has a Poly fuse on it.


Some locations require a single lipo to be shipped in a plastic surrounding for flight safety requirements, so that body is used without electronics.


Thanks, DJ, for the explanation. And thanks CH for putting a name on the connector.

I would close/resolve this thread, but I don't see that option anywhere. Feel free to close it out for me.


Don't quote me on this, and it's not an official ez-robot response because i don't always know what i'm talking about (this is one of those times). But, the PCB with the power connector from the EZ-B's power base may fit in the dodecagon body

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about might be able to chime in :D


@DJ They are the same, so you can use the PCB from the powershell in the Dodecagon base...