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Power Supply An Animation

Hi all,

First, I'm very new to robots and controlling them. I'm currently building a full sized B9 "Lost in Space" robot with the aid from the B9 Builders Club. I heard about the EZ B over there and had to have one to control my B9. It seems to have everything I'll ever want. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions soon but here's the first couple:

Everything I've read in the Tutorials or Community posts here talk about using batteries to power the EZ-B. Sounds like the optimal voltage to supply it is 7.3 vdc. I've also read that it can accept up to 13 vdc (?) But the regulators will run hot. I will not be using batteries to power my B9 but will be running him off wall voltage with power converters changing that to 12vdc to run most of my DC and servo motors and everything else. Can the EZ-B run off a 12 vdc power supply all the time and not batteries? If so, should I convert that 12 vcd down to around 7.3 to take the stress off the regulators?

I plan to use a few high torque servos in my B9 and know that they will require a different power source other then being supplied by the EZ-B. One will be a huge Seiko UAV servo PS-050. I'll be using this servo to lift the Bubble on top of his head that goes up and down at different speeds and stops at different places. Also I don't plan on using RC. I hope to set up animation scripts and feed them to the EZ-B somehow (although at this time I'm not real sure how). Will EZ-B control this servo without any problems? If any one has suggestions or advice on this or how to feed scripts I will happily listen.

Thanks in advance, Dave Schulpius


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Awesome a B9!!!

I'd look at the Dimension Engineering SportBEC. You can feed it 12vdc all day and it outputs 5v/6v selectable.

As for your servo that might require more juice it might not.

You can run personality scripts with the EZ-B, they basically run random movements/audio based on a script you create.

Toss in a Sparkfun MP3 Trigger and your rockin.

It's very easy to do with the EZ-B controller.

Hope this helps somewhat.


Welcome to the site! B9 is my favorite. I'm building the 2ft trendmasters B9 B9 Hack Your EZ-B will run fine on 12 volts, just add a fan to the heat sinks. Then you can tie your heavy duty servos into a separate power supply (what ever voltage they require) and just run the signal wire to the EZ-B. That is what I did on my BOB project, although he is only 6 volts, but my heavy duty servos needed their own supply. I wish I had the money for a full size B9, but Jr. will have to do. Good luck!


Very sorry for the delay in thanking you all for the kind and thoughtful help. Life is very busy. I don't know why I thought I'd have enough free time to build a robot and animate him. eyeroll B9 will be one of my most challenging projects yet. It may be my last due to how long it may take me to complete. If anyone is interested here's a link to what I've built so far with tons of pics of the process:

Building my Lost in Space B9 Robot

Anyway, you've given me a lot to think about and a good place to start. I'm sure this will be just what I need. It's good to know there are people out there that I can turn to that can help. I'm sure I'll have lots more questions.

Thanks again, Dave Schulpius