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Power Supplies

I am planning to use three separate 12 volt power supplies in the upper section central support system (CSS) in my B9 Robot. One power supply for the neon and lighting, one for the bubble lifter linear actuator and other smaller motors, and the third for the sound system for his voice and background sounds. The problem is the lack of space in my CSS after I cram everything in there that needs to go in there. I cant put the power supplies in the leg section because I have a mains supply (240 volt) swivel connection (similar to a cordless kettle connection) between the leg section and the bottom of the CSS plate that simply lifts off and disconnects from the supply mounted in the leg section, (no wiring to unplug) This is why I need to have the 12 volt power supplies above the waist. There is also another power supply down there feeding the waist motor and associated motor control gear.

My question is will a single suitably sized 12 volt power supply feeding everything above the waist cause any problems regarding RF noise on the sound system? I'm worried that the neon and motors will cause "buzzing" through the speaker of the voice sound system if all fed by one power supply. unfortunately I know very little about audio systems blush Any advise is much appreciated :)



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Have you looked into lipo batteries? They're very small and provide ridiculous current.


Hi DJ,

I was wanting power supplies because my Robot will be static, and will require about 20 to 30 amps @ 12 volts. I also don't want to have to charge them. With a power supply I can just turn it on whenever I want and run all day if I want.

Thanks for the thought though :)




and will require about 20 to 30 amps @ 12
.... that's a perfect job for a couple of car batteries..... :)

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Depending on your sound system setup, there maybe the possibility of some noise feedback from the neon light with using either mains power of battery, so something like a Noise suppressor might help in that respect. I've used them with car stereo's in the past to eliminate R/F feedback noise caused by a car's alternator or electric aerial, but never with a robotics project (yet) but it's the same princible.

It's something to concider if you do get electrical feedback noise, as neon and electroluminescent lighting can cause this with certain sound system setups.

Hope that helps. :)

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Thanks Steve, The Noise Suppressor you suggested sounds perfect... no pun intended ;) I will defiantly try one if I have trouble with RF noise.

Thanks Mate


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Lol, no worries. I hope it's a viable solution for you, should you need it. :)