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Power Regulator Fell Off - Still Waiting And Getting Desperate!

Well it's nearly been 3 months since I first mentioned that my power regulator busted off on my EZ-B and I still can't get my hands on one! I'm in Australia and I can't find one anywhere here.

If anyone can help out a fellow robot lover I'd really appreciate it. I need to replace the following regulator on the EZ-B -

Model: MIC29300 Output: +5V, 3A Style: TO-220-3

Happy to pay for any postage, packaging, and whatever costs that may arrise.

I've been in contact (several times) with EZ-Robots but I feel this is getting me no-where. I understand that these guys are busy, but it wasn't my fault that the regulator busted (see original discussion) and I'm starting to get withdrawl symptons from lack of roboting!

original discussion

If anyone is able to help then please PM me and I'll organise to get some cash to you.

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I am sure that D.J. can help you if he knows about it. ;)


I know Australia is not in the dark ages but you could be along way away from a major center, that said you can use any 5 volt regulator in a TO-220 package that handles 3 amps.

Do you have some kind of electronics store near-by?


In regards to availability, Australia is way behind the US. There is only one chain type store that sells electronic components and they don't have this part available. I did try an alternative regulator but it didn't work. I also asked EZ-B about some other alternatives but they said that I should use the correct part.

jstarne1 - I did find this at Digikey but the cost to get it to Australia is $35! The part itself is only $3.53.

I have received a PM from DJ saying that he'll sort out one for me, but I want to have an alternative option if necessary.

I think I have been pretty patient and resonable over this issue - You all know what it's like once you get started with the EZ-B, you want to play with it every night! It's been a hard 80 days, especially watching all of those cool updates being posted.


How do we send a "pm" private message? Do you just mean a email?


They're on E-Bay a few bucks each and $4.50 to ship to Australia sleep


Hey @putt putt Could you please post the link.

Thanks for your help guys.


Ok so I just got around to checking the link and its to the Canadian Ebay site which I can't purchase from!


DJ - Have you sent one of these in the mail for me?

I really hope you do, I haven't heard back from any one at EZ to confirm.

This is now an old post so I'm probablly talking to myself.

Is anyone there?



Why can't you buy from a Canadian site? confused


Your the man - thanks DJ.

Don't know why I couldn't - the site wouldn't accept my log in.



Try logging in on the International Ebay site.