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Posting Robot Build

I tried to post the start of my Robot build last night under the SHARE A ROBOT PROJECT section with hopes of being able to update it regularly but the website will not take the post.  It does not provide any error or feedback of anything missing so I am not sure what the issue is.

My question is should this be put under Share a Robot Project or Start a Conversation? I would like this to be interactive with others being able to comment and share their help and insights.  

If this is not the place please let me know.

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There’s red messages under each section of information is missing. You’d have to scroll and read the red highlighted error messages. But a project showcase is for a completed robot, so you probably don’t have the required media yet. Like videos and pictures. 

so just create a general conversation about it for now. And when you’re at a point where it’s an actual working robot, then you showcase it. 

For more intonation, there’s write up descriptions on the page where you create a showcase to read. Such as what’s necessary and such.
#2   — Edited
DJ all sections got filled there was not red flags under any areas and all requirements had been met.  So not sure why the site did not work.  

But I won’t try to use that section until it is completed.  I was going to use it kind of like a project blog.  So it sounds like it is not the right place anyway so it is a good thing it did not work.
Hmmm okay - I’ll take a quick look before bothering the team about it. We got a few things cooking