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Possible On/Off Camera Script Command?

DJ...First, outstanding job on the camera... I have no idea how you managed what you did and still the camera only draws about a 100mA... Wow!... Anyway.. no biggie (since the camera does not draw much power anyway)... But, would it be possible to have a script command to turn on and off the camera? I mean actually powering off and on to save power?

I know you got truck loads of other stuff (and it may not be able to be done, anyway)... so no worries if you got more important stuff to do... Like sleep Dude...! And eat healthy... my girlfriend would kill me if I didn't put in the eat healthy part...;)


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Sorry no. That would not be possible at this stage. It would require a physical hardware change. And we currently have over 30 employees at 6 different companies manufacturing the completed designs. The process to create Revolution has been 16+ hours per day per employee for a year straight. Once a part is complete, it goes into a phase where it is analyzed by all companies involved in the manufacturing process. They each have a small responsibility in the big project. Their responsibility cannot change or the entire supply chain changes.

The physical hardware design of the camera has taken many months - including many additional months of software and R&D to get zero latency and low energy.

The number of people and companies that would need to be alerted to change the smallest fraction of any piece of Revolution would knock the release date out by months
No worries at all... just go excited over using the new board... Got a little ahead of myself...
United Kingdom
Just a thought (and I may be way off on this one) but could it be possible to modify (as in the end user modify not EZ-Robots modify anything!) the camera cable and add in a switching circuit on the Vcc the camera?
You beat me to it Rich...:) I was just thinking of that... Not super important, but down the road I might just do what you suggested...
You sure could do that!