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Asked — Edited

Possible Bug Auto Position Movement


The project is based on the Adventure Bot.

Changes to help troubleshooting:
1) Added Http Custom Server
2) Added Http Server
3) Added Position Start Script



4) Added Position Start Script



5) Added Movement script:
Stop,Forward,Left,Right,Reverse commands:



6)RotateScript, simple script to rotate the direction

Anomalies detected:

A1) When pressing the Arrows inside the Auto Position the button changes the color to Green or Red(Stop)
when pressing the Arrows on:
Http Custom Server
Http Server
Mobile Interface
Scripting (RotateScript)

Does not change the color

A2) When pressing the Arrows, the Auto Position Start Script is not executed although the Auto Position End Script is executed

this project is an attempt to understand why the Mobile Control running on the Android can drive the Adventure Robot, and no success via Browser -> EZBuilder -> Http Server.

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The start script is only executed when there was no previous Auto Position action running. Ie, it only executes when an action is called after it had already executed an end script.

The arrows do not change color when direction is called from other controls.


The arrows do not change color when direction is called from other controls.

I tried other Movement panels e.g. Continuous Servo, H Bridge and both change the colors via script or other controls.

One question:
do you see any reason why the Adventure Robot project (Auto position movement panel) does not work when combined with the HTTP Custom Server.

Again, the Auto Position does not highlight directions from other controls. Use the status log for the current running action details.

I don't know what you mean by "adventure bot not working with Auto Position and http". Do you mean that forward() and other ezscript direction commands are not executing?
I just loaded the adventure bot project and added the http customer server. The movement buttons and camera work correctly.

Sorry the trouble, let's close this thread.

Conclusion: NO BUG

Regarding my last post, the reason why i mentioned the other movement controls is the common behavior the exception is the Auto Position movement control.
Understandable - no crime in asking for clarification:)

The Auto Position control works a little different than the others because it has additional movements, which are actions... Unlike the other movement panels which bind to the on movement event of the movement class.