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Portable ARC Version 2013.06.04.00

I hope I don't get in trouble for creating a portable ARC Version 2013.06.04.00. Since the software release I haven't had a chance to test it out due to work, school, out of town trips. Been away from my home workstation for about 7 days *stress*. I don't really like to install softwares on my work laptop / computer so I did this for personal use.

No installation needed

1. Click here to download or Here
2. double click to open file
3. choose EZ-B firmware update or EZ-Builder
4. click ok
5. Enjoy

and here's a quick video of a homemade DIY 3-D printer me nd my mate from school been working on for about 2 weeks, cost us about $350 plus our time


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very cool PJ. Do you know if there are plans for an android app? Or if most android devices are not powerful enough yet?
Android devices are no where near powerfull. Even the most modern flagship quad-core cortex A-15 will not be able to handle it. EZ-B is design for window 7 and window 8 only.
United Kingdom
You say that but there have been iOS and Android versions mentioned... Nothing concrete, nothing confirmed and no details about them at all but have a poke around and somewhere it's mentioned (I can't remember where exactly)
I thought I read something about that as well, I just wasn't sure.

Maybe even just a control surface remote type thing where you can configure your movement panels and port it to a little remote control app. It would remember servo assignments but that's about it. Basically the stuff you can do with the http server but in an app. Just connect your ezb to your device and use it for motion control. I know its alot easier said than done. I wouldn't expect the whole development platform. So many ideas, so little time.
United Kingdom
If it's a remote control type thing, which connects to an ARC instance then the web server control is great, as is the TCP/Telnet server. It's what I will be using on Jarvis so that I can control him from over the internet. There is also a project in the showcase which is for web control, I forget what it's called but it's in there somewhere:)
I can see a light weight ez-B in the future. It have to be something extremely light weight. Possible bluetooth connection with the same amount of features the webserver offers.
@Antron007, my apologies, I misunderstood, I thought u meant the entire ez-b itself with all the goodies into an android or IOS app.

@Rich, I remember seeing it somewhere while back, where it was mention as a future possibility.
DJ did post Android libraries on Sourceforge (I'll edit with a link if I get a chance to search later), so similar to the SDK, someone with the programming chops could write an Android EZ-B controller. Unlikely you could do something as flexible as ARC, but you could create an Android controller for your specific bot needs.

PJ, thanks for making the portable version again. Very useful for looking at stuff while at work.

@Rich. I did fire that up when I first got my kit and built my first clunker. It was pretty keen. Maybe someone could take that whole setup and set it to connect by bluetooth instead of tcp? I've not looked at any of the code for the http pages so I don't know what kind of chore that would be. Just kind of spitballing.:)
United Kingdom
How do you mean connect by bluetooth rather than TCP? I'm not quite following on that one.
Will search for the android SDK when I get home, see what I can come up with.
It might have been a Linux library... I tried searching for the thread where it was discussed and came up blank, but I know it has been discussed here.

United Kingdom
Linux library look for EZ Open Bot (I think)
came up blank also, will see what the future brings.
@rich. Well right now we connect ebb to exbuilder via bluetooh and the device by http. I'm thinking having something similar the http interface encapsulated in an app and connecting the ezb to device by Bluetooth then controlling it with the app. ;-)
Ez openbot is what I was thinking of. C++ library, not Java, so ok for linux, but not Android. Oh well.