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Portable ARC

I got to thinking, If you want to take your robots with you and don't/can't install the software on just any computer .... why not make it portable?. so that's what I did, I hope im not infringing on any copyrights or anything. Just trying to help out. all you do is drop this file on any usb, and copy your robots project files. no need to install "it's easy to do for most of us but for some people its complicated"

just extract the .rar or zip to your usb

download rar format
or download zip format


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Well, that's really something! I tried it out and it works great! Thanks!

What happens when there is an upgread to ARC? How do get this portable copy updated?


oh its simple, you can follow this tutorial or if a lot of people use it I can keep updating this post :>


I already Have windows 7 ultimate on my keychain , now I gotta get one for ARC too ;)

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You'll end up like me, I have far too many applications (portable and installation files) on USB sticks that I take everywhere - like I will need them while I'm at a restaurant eating...

Great idea, it'll save me having to keep installing and uninstalling ARC at work (because I shouldn't be playing robots at work but sometimes I do...)


Ha ha ha , I brought two robots to work so far. One was the rad 2.0 before I started nodding it and the other squeegee. They have admin blocks so I can't install stuff anymore though , guess they caught on lol


cool, glad you guys can get some use out of it! this should byepass most of the admin controls most companys i don't keep anything on my usbs anymore, dropbox saved me....hahah


ooh interesting , so you gonna do this with each update of ARC?


i can, it only takes a couple of minutes...not a problem ;)


This is great. I am trying not ti install too much on my work laptop, but sometimes I want to check something in ARC without booting up my personal machine. I will certainly be able to make use of this.