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Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller

I managed to snag a now-discontinued Pololu dual serial motor controller from eBay after seeing it recommended on the Add-Ons page. I couldn't find any sample code in the SDK for controlling it with the EZ-B so I used "Tutorial 15 - Serial Output" as the basis for a proof-of-concept controller. Here's what I came up with:

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If anyone else is interested, the project files are here: Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller (Updated 6/12/2011)



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Great!! I'll add that to the SDK :)


Sweet! Will I be able to update it in subsequent releases? I was thinking of adding a proper Movement Panel so you can toggle between testing the controller/motors and controlling a robot...

I'm waiting on a BV4213 to control a stepper motor I pulled from a scanner this weekend (After more than a decade in IT management I have quite a collection of defunct equipment filled with potential robot goodies!) If there isn't one in the SDK, I'll create a similar project to test/control the stepper...


I've been meaning to add a community code SDK (contrib section), so this will be a good kick in the butt for me. I'm back home in a few days to begin working on that section of the website :D


Updated interface to accommodate proper movement controls (currently disabled). Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the command code and enable the controls later today...

Update: Mouse movement controls are now enabled and everything should be functional. I'll add joystick controls when I have time...


Here's a couple pics of the Pololu dual serial motor controller connecting the EZ-B to Ice's (Omnibot) drive-train. Power and serial connections are on D0 and the reset connection is on D1.

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User-inserted image