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Plugin Tutorial

I was going through the tutorial on creating a plugin. In the SendCommand section I was struck a little by this:

public override object[] GetSupportedControlCommands() {
List cmds = new List();

Isn't there an argument missing here? At least this is what I had to specify to get it working:

List<string> cmds = new List<string>();


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Yes - the forum filtered the characters I guess when it was first created.

The video is a good tutorial to follow as well. Have fun!


I'm a little conservative and prefer reading:)

All the best!


@ptp thanks for the link. Everything works fine though.

Oh and completely off-topic but nice work on the DepthSensor plugin. I'm currently using it in a project with one of my students.


Good to know! Suggestions are welcome.

It's a shame Microsoft killed the Kinect V2. Microsoft Kinect is the only device providing skeleton tracking. It's a sad vision!


yes I completely agree. Though Intel has made some that looks promising, but I haven't played around with those yet.

I'm about to run a user study with the plugin, so I'll probably soon have some suggestions:)