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Plastic Piece On Left Foot Servo Is Wallowed Out Is Just Spinning On Servo Gear

Finally after dealing with my HP computer that would not pick up the EZB-v4 , I bought a new Dell computer that JD would work on! He is amazing but in doing some already programmed procedures from you, JD fell off the table & wallowed out the plastic that attaches to his left foot so I am down until I can get a replacement part! DJ, your products are amazing!


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I'm not sure if this was a Yaaaay or a booo post, so, being a positive person, I'll go with positive.

Ya! They do seem great!

I guess, when things are dropped, they break!

Servo might just need to be replaced, depending on his injuries.


Michaelc, that is such great news that you are enjoying the product:D - and sorry to hear about JD's gymnastic dive off the table!