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Picking Up Object

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the SDK again. How would I be able to make my robot go forward and pick up an object it detected? I'm assuming we have to include an IF statement for the camera detection within the button control? So do I just call the _camera_OnNewFrame() method in the IF statement?


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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I would recommend downloading and installing ARC. The ez-Sdk framework is for experienced programmers.

To answer your question would involve years of programming experience.:)


... and he has asked basically the same question in a few of his other threads @ezrobot3.... The best thing for you to do (as DJ mentioned) is to download ARC and start tinkering (playing) with it... Try some stuff out yourself first... When you really get stuck you can always ask here...


@DJ Sures and @Richard R


You are going to have to program this yourself.... You are asking something that will take a lot of very specific coding and a lot of trial and error to work out.... Kind of like asking how do you build a car? How can anyone answer that?.... It can be done, but it will take a lot of trial and error.... The best way to understand how this can be done is to start playing around with ARC.... Break your project down into small segments....


@Richard R, I love that car analogy. Perfect.