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Permanent Buzzing Sound From Ez-Bv4'S Speaker

1.) Switching power on 2.) Normal starting sound 3.) From there on permanent buzzing of the speaker

Is this normal?


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Not normal. Servos may buzz holding position, but the EZ-B should be quiet.



If you have another EZ-B try taking the speaker from its shell and see if it has the same problem. If so, your amp may be querky or there is a ground loop.


What are you using to power your EZB(4) ?


I have a whole JD. I use his chest (so the original battery inside) to power the ez-b.

Battery is fully loaded.

The JD has a couple of other issues as well, but I want to work on one problem at a time. (camera not working at all. "ezbv4 camera image render error: System.ArgumentException:...")

To exclude other error sources I only use the ez-b + chassis without anything else connected atm.

Sadly I dont have an other ez-b to test with.

The noice is quite nerve-racking for me. Its not too loud, but it's the kind of noice that you cant bear for long.

Here is a video in which you can hear the noise.


Yeah, that sound is not normal. Please contact our customer Support for a warranty replacement.

In a dark room if you look closely at the JD head, can you see a Blue LED on inside the upper right portion of his head that looks like it's flickering really fast? If so, the camera is ok. It might the ez-b that has some issues (sound and video).


Nope. No blue LED flickering:(

The JD i got seems a bit like its made from 2nd choice parts only. Some servos got issues as well. Especially the neck and gripper servos.



did you calibrate all servo's?i had a speaker that didn work. i opened the ezb and check the speaker and springs. put all back together and all works fine.


I calibrated all servos manually and finetuned them with the software as well. Over 10 times by now for sure. Neckservo always buzzes however I calibrate him, after he moved and wont stop until i switch off the power. Clawservos cant be positioned in a way, where they are nearly closed and dont buzz like in the tutorial.

I did everything exactly like in the tutorial. Tried it many times. If it helps I can upload a video.


Servos will always make noise, because they are servos. When a servo holds weight, it vibrates back and forth to maintain the servo position. The vibrating of the gears internally will make noise. The Learn section has a tutorial on the servo.

The servos are not 2nd grade, and have metal internals. The servos are entirely metal geared and with metal bearings.

As the tutorial in the Learn section implies, all servos will make a buzzing noise when holding weight. If you would like more information about how a servo works, let me know and we can get into the technical details:)

The sound of your speaker is not correct. It sounds as if the EZ-B has a malfunction during assembly. As Jeremie has stated, please Contact Us and use the Warranty category - provide a link to the this thread so it can be referenced.

In the meantime, Google will be your friend to find out more information about servos to learn what robots are built with and how they move. The difference between a "servo" and a "motor" is that a servo is a motor with additional hardware for gearing torque and electronics to specify output shaft positioning. A quick search returned this write-up, which also explains the two different noises that you will hear from Digital and Analog servos:

We also have a lengthy write-up about what a servo is on our Learn section, which you can view here:

Feel free to explore the learn section of this website - we have a very detailed learn section with great deal of information to turn you into a robot expert:)


I am not unused to servos.The thing I wonder about is, that the neck servo keeps making noise, even when he doesnt hold any weight. (Not connected to head or torso. Just laying on the desk.)


The metal gearing in the servo adds a little more tension than the plastic gears that most are used to. The vibrating is because the servo is moving between positions - and the gearing is tight, so it may vibrate. If it's super annoying and bothering you, send it to us and we'll send you a replacement:)

I spent nearly 2 weeks in China sourcing servo manufacturers for our platform. The goal was best quality for lowest price. The servos we found are actually modified specifically for us to use 7.4v batteries, and a few other changes... such as wiring and gearing.


i notest that noisie servo's when you use them several houres, the noise go's down almost you dont hear it.


Found the error. Black cable is loose inside the connector socket. -> servo moves -> cable moves -> connection gets lost for a brief moment.

Had the chance to test the camera with an other ez-b. Same error: "ezbv4 camera image render error: System.ArgumentException: Ung├╝ltiger Parameter. bei System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream) bei EZ_B.Camera.(Byte[] ) bei EZ_B.EZBv4Video.()"


Thanks for all the help:) I will contact the customer Support for a warranty replacement.