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Periferal Input On Ez-B

I just have the idea that the EZ-B would have somehow some kind of ports on it to connect it directly to the PC as an alternative way. Will EZ-B update its products or so?


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Wifi foremost.... However if you use a level converter you might connect via serial but not for the purpose of controlling the EZB4.... Why do you need to? Wifi is so much more convenient...


I'd like to know if this is possible also. Deuel, thanks for asking the question.


It is possible, but as I said not for the purpose of controlling the ezb4... You can connect one of the UART ports or digital pins (with a rs232 level shifter) to your PC to read and write data... Not sure why you would want to, however... A better use would be to connect your EZB4 to an arduino....

WFI is really the only way to connect an ezb4 to your PC or tablet


With the V3, you could pull the Bluetooth chip and replace it with a USB to TTL connector, but the data rate on the V4 is far too fast for serial TTL.

It is theoretically possible to replace the WiFi with an Ethernet connection, but I have no idea what parts to use or if it is physically possible.

Perhaps something for the wishlist for the next generation EZ-B for those of us building robots with embedded computers.



Alan is correct, there is no way to connect the ez-b v4 directly to your PC because the communication is too fast for Serial. We considered adding USB, but that would have made the EZ-B larger - and no one wants that.


My reason is simple, embedded computer, and my robot is all metal. I attribute most of my disconnects to the fact that it is all metal. The ezb4 is mounted in the head at the uppermost part of the bot, surrounded by aluminum sides and bottom with a custom plastic see through cover. Still waiting to try new router/ cable modem to see if it helps. Before everyone asks, it disconnects in both modes, AP mode and client mode.


A metal robot will make the ez-b v4 wifi unhappy and disconnect, unless your embedded computer has a wifi dongle - because how else would you connect to the embedded computer?:)

So, since your embedding a computer in the robot - put a wifi dongle on that embedded computer and you will not have disconnects because the embedded computer will be beside the ez-b within the metal chassis.

There is no reason for slow and bulky wires - someday it'll be nice when our servos are wireless as well:D


@DJ... Wireless servos?... Ok, now we're talking. That would be a huge and welcomed advancement....:P


Hi, Thanks for the reply. EZB4 is located in the head. Head is separated from all aluminum body via pan/tilt servos. Embedded computer is not yet up and running. Running bot through my laptop. However when I do get the embedded computer up and running I will do the wifi dongle as you have stated. I have yet to post pics of my machine , this would probably explain a lot. Very close to picture worthiness though, probably around thanksgiving. Thanks again!


If you have room to run a cable up into the head, you could stick the wifi dongle on a usb extension cable so it is right up next to the EZ-B and also to allow signal to get to the computer from outside the bot through the plastic cover (I am assuming you will want some kind of remote access to the embedded computer).



Alan that's perfect, I didn't think about that. There are 2 flexible conduits running from the back of the head to the main body of the robot which allows signals to be sent to different devices , h bridges etc. I can definitely put a dongle up the same conduit