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Perfect Platform For Big Robots

Found this when I was at Toys R' Us with my daughter...

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Fake Segway for kids. 12V. Only $200.


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Great idea. It looks like I will be going to size it up this weekend and see if it will work for an inmoov. The reviews on amazon on it are horrible but thats what we do here right? Take something that is nowhere near what it could be and make everyone else want one by dropping in the V4 and some other components:)




That's what I was thinking, for an InMoov, or the horrible Robonaut:D . Don't be surprised if this catches on with the Arduino "don't bump into walls" crowd. With the components you get and the casing it's totally worth the $200. People probably though they were getting a Segway for that price haha


Doombot, I also was drawn towards this while Christmas shopping @ Toys R Us, on sale for less. The reviews were questionable, but it was cool, and caught my attention. It might be an alternative, if a robot is above IRobot Create limitations. The weight limitations of a small child are higher than an IRobot. You will have to adapt the unit w some type of H bridge driver configuration, but it looks interesting. Steve S


I wish you would put a camera on it or something...