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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Passing Variables Between Javascript And Ezscript.

Prior to ARC, I was able to pass variable among different scripts using EzScript.  I can still do that, but I cant pass a variable in JavaScript to and Ezscript.  is that something that can be implemented?

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getVar( variableName, [default value] )
Retrieves the value from the Arc’s global variable storage. These are variables that are published by skill controls, such as the Camera, Auto Position, Speech Recognition, etc..

{variableName} - The name of the global variable as a string
{default value} [Optional] If specified, this value is returned if the global variable doesn’t exist.
{return} The value of the global variable

// Get the current direction the robot is moving
var direction = getVar($Direction);

// Get the value of $test, and if it doesn’t exist return false
var testVar = getVar($test, false);

setVar( variableName, value )
Sets the value from of Arc’s global variable storage. This allows the variable to be available to other controls or other scripts by using getVar().

{variableName} - The name of the global variable as a string
{value} The value that you wish to store in the global variable
{return} The value of the global variable

// Set a value of 5 to be accessible by other controls
setVar($MyValue, 5);

varExists( variableName )
Check if the global variable exists.

{variableName} - The name of the global variable as a string
{return} true/false Boolean if the variable exists

// print if the variable exists

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Dang it.  I didn't read that, as you've probably figured out.

So it worked, it set the variable, I can see it in the variable watcher.  But my ez script doesn't see that the variable has a value.  This script was wrote in a couple of versions before ARC.  Does that matter?
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Perhaps you're trying to read the variable in EZ-Script before it is being set by Javascript. One exists only when one is existing:D yoda says

Javascript set the variable..


setVar("$myVariable", "this is text");

EZ-Script print the contents of the variable


It was working all the time.  My old ezscript had an error and instead of halting, it just ran and did nothing.

but I found it and marked this resolved.

Thanks for the help, good night.
Anytime:) have a great night as well!