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Parts Needed

Does anyone in the easrern US area have any levers from lever servos they would sell? I have a project and need two of them. I will go to the 3d forum if not available here. Thanks,


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i bin told the molded levers will be availeble here in store somewhere,
this month.have no date.the 3d printed ones will not last long,
the inner gear is very diff to make.
Do you mean just the plastic parts to convert a regular servo into a lever servo? If so, Contact Us and use the Sales category.

They will eventually be added to the store - once we have time:D

will the mini levers and convert part also come availeble in store.
Yes, all the plastic parts for those who already have servos
dj thats great.to bad the custom prize has gone up more then tripple.
my first jd box i paid 15 euro,now for a few parts you need to pay,
over 50 euro.i send them a mail but they dont answer.

andy roid

hope you get your levers soon.
Thanks nomad18.08 . DJ sounds great. I just need the levers for now. I am building a section of my robot and need to build the levers into the assembly. I don't want to use the ones on the servos I have in case it doesn't work out.
I was asking in case someone had extras from bad servos or what ever. If no responses I will ask on the 3d print forum.
Shipping from Canada for small items is a problem. The costs are often more than the parts. Maybe someday bits will be available in the US to lower the shipping.
Thanks for the reply,

email me (email in my profile) with your snail mail address. I have some extra lever servos I am not currently using that I plan on converting to rotation servos from some 3D printed parts I got from another member.