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Parts For Your Products?

I have a stripped Left Foot white plastic piece on JD. This piece fits on the Left Ankle servo & attaches to the Left Foot. This piece has a big hole on one side that swivels on a peg & the other side attaches to the Left Foot Servo. I ordered the whole Left Leg from you to get this piece & Mr. Lin from China I am assuming sent me the whole Right Leg which I cannot use the piece I need off of the Right Leg to fix the Left Leg! I talked to Cory Blair about this by e-mail & I have yet to hear what your solution to my problem is going to be! By the way the Left Leg cost me $50.00 plus $20.00 shipping. I have ordered many things from China & it cost nothing for the Chinese to send stuff to the USA!


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United Kingdom

You'll need to contact EZ-Robot direct, the community does not have the information on individual orders etc. Re-establish contact with Cory via email and I am sure he will respond with the answers to your questions.


Hi @mechaelc

We will have your JD good as new in no time! I have contacted you through customer support. Please check your email for more information.