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Parts For Revolution Jd Robot?

I am 3D-printing the parts for Revolution JD robot. I already have the HD servos but I don't have other parts like EZ-Robot Controller, camera, micro servos, LiPo battery and charger, RGB LED block, switch, fuse, and connector between torso and controller. I would buy the EZ-Robot Developer Kit but the kit doesn't have the parts that the robot needs. Any suggestions?


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This would give you the camera, controller and the board with fuse for the body. You would have to do some desoldering and soldering to put on the wires for the battery. It would give you 4 servos also.

You would need 4 micro servos, 8 servos, the eyes but I think that's it. You would also need to buy the battery and power adaptor. The power adaptor could be cut and soldered to the fuse holder. This is all off of the top of my head, so there may be more.
The kit also gives you some extension cables that you will need I think.
don forget also the mini srews.mayby you ask james.click products wait few sec,
right below sits james