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Parallax Ping. And Phidgets

I would love to see a parallax ping option in ARC for window. Much easier than writing code for it in sdk whenever i want to move it around. I would also like to see choices for phidgets so we could add literally any sensor. Any word on adding more hardware options in ARC for windows?


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If by parralax ping you mean the ping sensor with the one ground, one positive and one signal pin it seems to work in ARC at least when I used the radar control.

Perhaps you can be so kind and give a little bit more background on the issue you are having?



The parallax ping sensor works great with both the EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4.


PING sensor does work (it did for me) you just set the Echo and Trigger pin to the same pin number.

To get more widgets, I too had that through and post that same question perhaps a year ago....why can't their be a built in interface to make your own widgets. Its probably not as practical to implement as it sounds. The scripting options built in are rather robust and I've had success making external .NET apps with the aid of the SKD for things the ARC does not perform the way I want or need.

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My mistake. The ping sensor I tried to use was bad. soon as I swapped it out for another worked fine.