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I have been trying to get Pandorabot working without any success. I looked for the example the is suppose to be available but can't find it. Could someone that has some experience with Pandorabot give me some points to help me get going?


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Sure thing!

1) Download and install ARC

2) Load ARC

3) Select Project from the top ribbon menu

4) Select Add Control

5) Select the Audio tab

6) Select the PandoraBot icon

7) The PandoraBot control will load. Ensure you have a connection to the internet.

There are two ways to communicate with the PandoraBot.

One is by typing your phrase into the input box. Select the input box and type your phrase using the keyboard and press ENTER to submit the phrase.

The other way to communicate is by using Speech Recognition. For Speech Recognition, you will need a soundcard and microphone on your computer. The speech recognition may need to be trained, if so, follow the instructions for your operating system to train speech recognition. It is different between Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, I believe they can be both accessed within the Control Panel of the Windows OS.

*Note: Every control has ? (question mark) icon next to the X (close) button. If you press the ? button, you will be directed to a help page for that control. When you load ARC, there is also a message that tells you this in case you forget.

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The Pandorabot example is in EZ-Script Examples. Use the search at the top of the dialogue if you can't see it in the list to the right when you navigate to EZ-Script examples.

The example works fine for me, I just checked it to make sure.

To add, windows 8 speech options are here (from desktop)
User-inserted image

Windows 7 is here
User-inserted image