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Any idea when the The EZ-Robot Complete Kit will be back in stock?


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United Kingdom
When the Mini EZ-B is released:)

No details on any date yet, all we know is it's been discontinued and will be replaced with the new V3 mini.
If you do an internet search for "EZ-B Kit" you will get several links from hobby websites that still have the EZ-B kit in stock and are available for shipment.
United Kingdom
There was a link on the store page too
Yes, I've seen the link but those resellers charge a lot more than DJ charges.
If your not in a rush to build your bot, I would say wait for the kit to come available again. That way you have the current board.
United Kingdom
$169 where it's still available, that is the same as on the store here.
Hurry up and buy them all up everyone! That way the Mini may finally roll out. *cool*
Even if they are currently the same price as what DJ was selling them for I just can't seem to get myself past the idea of giving some third-party the money and thus EZ-Robots would get a smaller profit margin. Maybe I'm crazy but I'd feel better if EZ-Robots got the entire thing. Oh Well!
Not that it will make you feel any better, but there are quite a few new staff members who feel your pain. We are all in the same boat waiting for the new kits as well!
The new kit will be worth the wait though.. Or so I've been told? ha ha..
I hope its soon cause I'd hate to wait all summer for the ez-mini to come out. also if my haunch is right the mini and heavy duty servos will come out the same day as the ez-mini. want to get them all together to save on shipping.
I am not in the position to confirm nor deny any assumptions on the mini being associated with the heavy duty servos!