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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Out Of Memory Which Saving Project

I'm running the latest version of ez builder on win 7. Each time I try to save my project I get an out of memory error message. I click on the message and it comes back several times then finally saves . However the wallpaper disappears and background goes white. this is happening every time.

The latest download should be 10.3.13. The error message shows Assembly Version: 2013.9.27.0. I'd give 10.3 a try and see if your errors clear up.
Before I posted the last time I had uninstalled EZ Builder, downloaded the latest version 10.3.13 (which I had been running) and reinstalled. Still same thing. Thanks for the suggestion though.

It seems tied into the Wallpaper feature and my project somehow. I had no problems with this release till I installed one of my own wallpaper images. I loaded EZ Builder and my project onto another laptop and had the same issue. I started a new project and loaded a personal wallpaper and could not reproduce the error (although I didn't work with it for very long). So that may narrow it down to my project. I don't know what is in there that's giving me problems saving. Maybe next I'll try moving or deleting the project file I'm trying to replace and save a fresh one.

Stay Tuned...........

EDIT: I tried what I mentioned above but nothing changed.

Also, I cant seem to get rid of my personal wallpaper I installed. Is there a way to revert to the original EZ Robots wallpaper or not even use one at all? I tried un-checking the option in the Preference Menu "Use EZ Wallpaper" and it does remove the wallpaper. However each time I save and reopen my old wallpaper is still there.
Holy Bitmap DJ! Your customer care and service are breathtaking. Thanks for putting in the long hours and taking care of this so fast. I was beginning to think it was me or my computer. can't wait to update and get back to programming.