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Option To Invert Display On Digital

Hi DJ Sures.

We have a flood of relays on the market that are turned ON when a data line is brought LOW.


The only down side of these cheap boards it that when I brown out my EZ-B and it drops the Bluetooth connection everything turns on... (My fault for overloarding the supply not EZ-B's)

Anyway this mean that when using the Set Digital on the screen for direct switching of the device it is displaying low as OFF when in this case it the relay has switched and is therefore ON.

It it possible to have an invert box like the servo controls so that the display can instead be made to say it is ON if the data line is low?

Allows the states to be displayed according to the user need.

  • Tameion ( Sorry - Not my best bit of prose but this is 2 in the morning in NZ)


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Lol, that terrible to hear they are reversed. I do not an answer that you will want to hear. When the connection drops, the pic goes into an init mode. Having the I/O settle high is not an option. Settling pins high would play havoc on motor controllers, serial devices and make many other robots very upset :)

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Yes I understand that and is probably why these boards were so cheep!

I was trying to resolve the mental pain I was experiencing ... and not passing it on to you... lol

What I was meaning was...

This toggle would be visual only... and not making any 'REAL' data line state change.

In the settings for the Set Digital box you would have a Click this box to 'display' the data line on your screen as "ON" when the data line is "LOW" or Click this box to 'display' the data line on your screen as "OFF" when the data line is "HIGH"

Kind of like a toggle.... for when working with relays or other confused devices like my one !

If it is a mental pain then toss the idea.


I can't do that because its not correct. On/high is +5 output. An option to "make things opposite" would be confusing. That would be like having a polarity switch on a battery haha :)

There is an ez-bit that replaces the relays. We are very close to launching the new products and website. I just have to wait for manufacturing and a few more design files. That's all I can say about it :)

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Can't wait..... ;)


You could also just use PNP transistors in stead of NPN to switch the relays!


Why not use a hex inverter ic, such as a 74AC04? It's a low cost, single package solution that will invert up to 6 EZ-B digital ports at a time.

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Agreed.... kicking myself for not thinking of it! Awesome thanks Jim.