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Openservo Hardware

Has anyone had any experience with these? I see sparkfun has a version on thier website but checking openservo.com there is a version 3 out. Basically its a servo mod for I2C interface. Theres lots more "over my head" stuff at the website.


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Oh i've never seen that before. That could be a neat idea for a simple animation. I know as much about it as you, or less. Maybe i'll look into creating an ARC control for it if anyone starts using them
I might be off track but my thoughts were that this could be a way to increase the number of (separately powered) servos on the EZ-B. Or increase number of DIO ports by moving some servos from there to I2C. :/
Idk...your call.
That surely can increase the number of servos! Yup! You'd need an alternate power source though, but that's easy to resolve. I've come up with a method of allowing ARC to support multiple EZ-B's, but it will take some time to create.
That's GREAT DJ. My robot currently only has one arm because I ran out of Data Ports.