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Only Mesh Stl Files Available For Ez-Bits?

Is it only possible to get the STL files of the ez-bits? I would be alot easier to extend, modify and create new ez-bits if we had access to the cad files?

fx. the Roli Cover stl is huge and includes the rover chassis in one big mesh, so not really usefull for printing or modifying?


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Only certain bits are marked as 3d printable items. You may have noticed that roli is not marked as a 3d printable item. It would be impossible to 3d print roli due to the accuracy and complexity required for the gears.

Parts that are marked as 3d printable are humanoid body, Hexapod body, servo ezbits and many sensor enclosures. You can browse the 3d printable ezbits on this website or in the ARC software.

All stl files that can be 3d printed are downloadable from this website or ARC software.

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Have a look at this topic too.

There is another topic where I did step by step screen grabs for saving STL files from ARC however I'm at work and can't easily find it. If needed I'll post it later (or re-post the images).


Ahh okay, just thought the shell of roli might be printable.

But thanks for the quick answer, im gonna go make preorder on some v4 stuff soon, looking forward to playing around with it.