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Onboard Or Cool Remote , Acer W3 Win 8 Tablet Netbook Alternative

I wanted to point out this for an excellent netbook alternative. I got to play with it a while and it's smoother and faster than any netbook but at the same time sports a thin small profile. It easily could be in the front or back of a robot or even just sit on a dock in the room the robot interacts with because it's so small. Bluetooth and WiFi are built in and uses atom x86 architecture so it runs ARC. The Microsoft surface 500 dollar tablet uses a arm architecture and though it looks like win 8 it won't run a pc program but the 279.99 acer w3 will! ! With a advertised 8 hour battery life it should run a long time and uses very low power for a built-in robot installation

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Acer Iconia W3-810-1600 Tablet comes with these high level Specs: Intel Atom Dual-Core Processor Z2760, Windows 8, 8.1" HD 1280 x 800 resolution high-brightness (300-nit) Acer CrystalBrite LED-backlit TFT LCD, 5-Point multi-touch screen, supporting finger touch and image auto rotation, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator with 64MB of dedicated system memory, High-definition audio support, 2048MB of LPDDR2 800 MHz Onboard memory chip support , 32GB Internal Storage, 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth 4.0+EDR, 2MP Rear-facing camera, 2MP Front-facing camera, 1 - Micro USB 2.0 Port, 1 - Micro-HDMI with HDCP support, 2-Cell Li-Polymer (3500 mAh) Battery, Up to 8-hours Battery Life, 1.1 lbs. - 0.50 kg (tablet only), Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013


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I believe DJ has used the W3 in some videos and a few others have used it for ARC. I know it's been discussed as it's the one I recommended for a reasonably priced windows tablet :)


The one he used in the videos was a older 10 inch model and it's about a inch thick. This is the newer better one and half the price of the old w500 c50 model 10 inch. It's a cool gadget.


Oh so you have a tablet on the front and back... I emailed you by the way


jstarne1 and aameralis, Does the Acer w3 8" tablet run processed video on EZ Robot? Looks interesting, any drawbacks? Thanks Steve S


Yes. Drawbacks are going to come into play when using more than one camera or more than one ezboard. I imagine you could run 2 ez boards without any significant delay maybe 3 but two cameras will bog it down because it does not have a robust graphics chip. Basically it's only downfall is that it doesn't have lots of usb inputs like a laptop


Oh ok I didn't know it was a mimo so your using a a usb hub to get more usb inputs right?


Thanks for the fast response guys, So I could just utilize the built in Acer camera for processed video (choose from ARC device list)? The micro to USB cord w/USB hub is a plus. I could maybe use a headphone jack to an amplifier for more sound. Thanks


Sure , and the build in amp is like 1/4 watt so yes get a powered speaker or just use it as a input for a small amp for your audio needs.


Great endorsment for the ACER W3 for robotic applications..!bookmarked!


Hey Josh!

You are not going to believe this. I was just sitting there talking about the win8 w3 that Josh was saying was on sale. All I did was say "yeh, if I had the tablet now, I would put it on the robot instead of the bulky netbook. And, BANG! I was given it for a gift. It should arrive shortly. So, this means the dimensions are going to change. I need to put it in the front. I believe it is 8". That was an early Christmas gift. I am SO Blessed! Thank you Jesus!

And, Bless and Thank You, Josh!



I was thinking of getting the Acer Iconia W3-810-1600 Tablet.

-If I need more hard drive space, can I add an external dive? -Will it also work with a Bluetooth mouse and an external keyboard if I want to use one? -Can I hook a DVD ROM drive to it if I wanted to play movies on the front of the robot?