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Onboard Computer Option, Opinion

Hi guys:) Im working on putting together the bits and pieces to our project and was looking for an opinion of using this type of approach to an on board computer. My goal is to ensure that the rover does not drop signal and go dark on me. The Project Jarvis video shows him using Arduino, (poor guy ) lol but im looking at the mother board he is using. Has anyone gone this route before, then connect to the robot via mirror desktop application?

Any input would be much appreciated.


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Depends on how much you want to spend, the FitPC's are really tiny but a little pricey. You can also get Mini ITX motherboards (if your robot has the room) for a lot less.

I had a video tutorial a few years ago about installing a Mini ITX in a robot - not sure where that video went :)...


I use an Acer W3 tablet... cheap and it works great...

or maybe something like this ...NetTop PC


Ah, Richard has a good point. I also have an Acer tablet and it is nice because of the touch screen.

If you end up installing a min-Itx without a screen, you can use Remote Desktop on any version of Windows. Also, TightVNC is a good option for free as well


I also have an Acer W3. Not in the robot yet, but runs ARC great (screen resolution isn't wonderful, but I build the projects on a different computer then publish to EZ-Cloud and download on the ACER).

There are a bunch of other small Windows 8.1 (not RT) tablets starting to appear on the market, and some like the W3 are appearing as factory refurbs on the various flash-sale sites (woot, yugster, dailysteals, meh, etc...) and eBay fairly regularly.



@DJ Oops, i thought i posted the Mini ITX link link in the video, thats what i was thinking. I thought of the Tablet option, but was looking to add additional cameras so thought a full pc might be best. Also thought of using the guts of a laptop, but no real gain, and just messy.


Not sure if it matters, but the Acer w3 has a built in camera (most tabs do)... Haven't tested it with ARC yet, however...


@thetechguru Had a plan to put a laptop on board, but don't need the screen on the rover, so thats what got me thinking of doing a setup like Jarvis. Just wasn't sure if there were any obvious reasons why i shouldn't go that route.


@Richard R Thinking of a Sony PS4 Camera once the PC version is released.


@DJ I seriously cant believe how much the EZB4 has brought to the table and made possible for this project:) Ive used Team Viewer in the past for remote Visions system trouble shooting, not bad. Checking out a video for Tight VNC now, thanks DJ


@Dana W... how about the NetTop idea (in post #3)... cheap, compact and a full blown Win 7Pro PC... Just need to power it somehow... A 20amp SLA and you're good for 8 hours or more...

Now you know why most of us think the EZB4 is an arduino killer... :)



Not sure if it matters, but the Acer w3 has a built in camera (most tabs do)... Haven't tested it with ARC yet, however...

Neither the front or the rear camera on the W3 works with ARC unfortunately, they throw an exception error at all resolution settings. But they are really crappy cameras anyway. Would be better with a cheap USB webcam, or just use the EZ-B camera.



@Alan, thanks... Like I said, never tested it... so good to know....


@Richard R Def going to look at that option (Net Top), may save some time and hassle, thanks! And no question on the EZB for simply getting busy with the creative end of things. If i can incorporate a good stable connection with an onboard pc, than i wont feel the need for any backup from an Arduino, and i like the sounds of that! I was laughing to myself watching the Jarvis video.

@thetechguru Ive played with my LT camera, and although it works, crappy camera, but was fun playing with the 2 cameras at once