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On/Off Camera Hack - How Handy Is It?

I've seen the hack for the on/off camera controls to allow the EZ-B to control the camera (pretty slick) but for those that have done it, how handy is it? For instance, would you say its in your top 10 list of most handy hacks or just something to do if you must?

I have my camera wired for power off the EZ-B but not switchable from there and I find that very handy. But when I turn my robot on, I just go ahead and turn the camera on also, manually. If the camera was total covered that would be pain for sure.


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I've done it to both cameras I have. I am unable to get to the camera in Melvin since it's buried deep in his head and would require a lot of work to get at.

So, if the camera is inaccessible it is always worth doing.

That said, the camera in Melvin turns itself on when the EZ-B is powered up, I'm not sure if this is how it is designed but it seems to remember the last known state (either that or mine has developed a "fault")


You may want to consider a separate power supply for your camera. As you continue to add more goodies to the EZ-B you may avoid a brownout situation using different power sources.


@justinratliff it's worth it if you put your camera in a place you can't charge it and press the in button every single time you use it. So if you put your camera inside a toy more than likely you will need to do the mod. Also the camera uses 5 volts but draws a good bit so using a tip120 5 volt regulator rated at 1 amp is a great idea. The camera draws approx. 500 ma ( 1/2 amp)