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Omnibot2000 Shoulder/Elbow Gears

I'm definately not using the gears in the upper arm. I'd like to offer them to someone who may need them and wants to keep their Omni stock.:D

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me too glickclick,i am not using my gears in my omnibot 2000,they are plastic and will wear out,plus very little torque free giveaway if anyone can use them

South Africa

My Roli elbow stopped working and they sent me a new one with gears. Where can I find the instructions on where these gears are supposed to go?


JohanGT, i believe you received a new Servo. Sounds like the tutorial learn section is a very important place for you. EZ-Robot is dedicated to teaching people robotics and technology. At the least, understanding the terminology of the robot, such as Servo. The product that you have (Roli), has an outstanding tutorial learn section with lots of information and activities. Please do not dismiss the learn section. If you do not use the learn section, you will not learn about the Roli product and he will be sad.

  1. Please click on the LEARN button from the top of this website.

  2. Locate your product (i.e. ROLI) and select it

  3. Scroll through the list of sections in the lesson in the LEFT menu. Information about Roli, charging batteries, and building are located in the LEFT menu. You will also find information about programming Roli and how to take care of him. Roli is an advanced robot, and he can do amazing things if his owner uses the learn section... that's you!:D

South Africa

Hi DJ, thanks! However, I cannot get the shoulder to stop rotating and I do not see any place where this problem is addressed. I also cannot find a place where it says what I am supposed to do with all the gears I received with the servo. I am super excited to get it ready for the Africa Automation Fair 2017 here in South Africa where I want it to sing happy birthday to the 60 year celebrations of the SAIMC (Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control).


There are no gears, unless you took the servo apart. Do not take the servo apart. If you took the servo apart, there will be gears and the servo will be damaged. Do not take a servo apart.

Visit the LEARN section by clicking the top of this website to access the tutorial to put Roli together. If roli is not built correctly, he will not function. The instructions are super easy, anyone can do it :). If your roli is not working correctly, take disassemble him so you can build him from scratch. Visit the learn section, select your robot (Roli, in this case) and follow the instructions.

The categories on the LEFT MENU of the LEARN tutorials have categories. There is a maintenance category as well, in case you run into trouble after Roli is built and perhaps not performing correctly.

The learn section has everything you need. Tens of thousands of people have successfully built ez-robots using the learn section, you can to!:)

South Africa

Good, I did not take anything apart. When I received Roli, I assembled it and it worked fine. I got it moving, waving hands, singing etc. Then the shoulder stopped moving. I received a new one. All I did was replace the old one with the new one - no configuration changes at all. When I now connect to Roli via Wi-Fi, the replaced shoulder starts rotating and does not stop. (I saw this when I removed it from the robot, took off the elbow and had only the shoulder connected).

South Africa

Not to worry, I found the problem. When I asked for a replacement elbow, they sent me a 360 and not an HD - so the shoulder just kept on turning.


has anyone still have some omnibot2000 gears to give away?