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Omnibot Using Servos To Open A Door And Sliding Out.

I have been working off and on with my Omnibot. I have to problems now one is my fault and the other is lack of knowledge. Let's start with problem number one.

1.Was not happy with the range of the blue tooth on the EZB. SO I found on this site a way to modify it using a antenna. I messed up the gold trace on the blue tooth module and now it is worse. I can it retrace the gold antenna with something? or Can I buy the module from DJ or some place else?

2. I want the ping sensor to be inside the bot but when it is active to have a door open and the ping sensor slide out of the bot on a little platform that I made.
I can work it by hand but I would rather us a servo. when I try the servo with a DU-BRO E/Z Connector and a small rod it does not work the right way.
Any help?



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Connect servo horn with wire to door is best, I'm doing that too but why not just mount it inside the door.like this and have it scan left to right.like radar?
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1. Yes they are on Ebay. I will look up one for you tomorrow (10pm here)

2. I could only help you IRL. I'm sorry.
I could try that. But If I scan right and left it can not turn that far because it will see the bot housing on right or left scan. I wanted to move it out to avoid that problem.
Mine can turn 45 degrees left or right and have a clear view. Your other option is to mount in the torso section with sensor purtuding a bit out.