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Omnibot Gears Strips

Hi Guys, Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas

So I hooked up my H-Bridge to the original drivetrain of the Omnibot. It started moving! But then I noticed the gears slipping so i stripped the gear box and sadly, the gears were stripped.

Does anyone know of where I can get new gears or some other solution?

Thanks, Ali


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No one makes the gears for them , you will have to buy a good gearbox. I have a spare if your interested.


By Gear box you mean gray box which houses all the DC motors and all the gears? How much?



fast respons for the gear.why dont you respond to my mails. i send you some 6 mails to you,never got respond back. is it me or just belgium.



Thanks, pictures will be helpful.




I'm going to check when I get home. I was just watching some of your videos about your robot. Really inspiring stuff. I might hit you up with questions once I get comfortable with EZB features. I havent even coded yet. Is you mobile app using phonegap? Btw Are you from New York?

Thanks, Ali



Just coming home from Jersey. I'm attaching the pieces that are stripped...

Some of the gears in your picture look like the right size but I can't tell for sure.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I've been searching only... Looks like I'll have to purchase a new gear box.


Problem solved. Thanks all.


I ended buying a new gear.