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Wires Melting Together

Hey,  I have 4 heavy duties servos, 1 HD, and 1 micro servo attached to EZB. And a bunch of LEDs, HBRIDGE, etc all but 1 addressable port is available.  Today I noticed one of my servos was failing. In fact, it smelled like plastic was burning. But it wasn't the servo itself but the plastic female pin connectors. The Red and Black ones melted...

Omnibot Head Rotation

Hi Guys, I noticed many you guys have been able to mod the omnibot head and attach a servo to it and it looks great. I am having a real painful time getting this right. I've cut the taps off the head inserted a servo but the balance of the head is off and it's pretty much useless with the dome on (burned a servo already). I was wondering before I...

3D Printers, Worth Buying A Cubify?

I'm on a tight budge, is spending $300 for Cubify 2nd Gen to build parts for my robot worth it? I read the reviews, it's not the greatest and the cartridge are expensive. But I just want to build a few small parts for now. Thanks, Aliusa
Omnibot Gears Strips

Omnibot Gears Strips

Hi Guys, Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas So I hooked up my H-Bridge to the original drivetrain of the Omnibot. It started moving! But then I noticed the gears slipping so i...

Ez-Script Focal Point

Hi Guys, A question arised when I thought the Say command in script would make the EZB say the string but then I realized SayEZB does that. This kinda confused me. Many of examples play the audio through my computer speakers instead of the EZB ... Is this simulated? Do I have to compile and upload to the EZB? Links would help. Thanks, Aliusa
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