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United Kingdom
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Omnibot Build


Loved the Omnibot project you made so now making my own

I've managed to source an old Omnibot via Ebay and in the process of re-painting and getting everything ready for the arrival of the EZ Board.

I have a couple of build questions I think I can roughly work out how your robot arms are modified is the servo horn just pushed onto the servo and not screwed into place?

What wireless mic did you use. I would like to use the original microphone in the Omnibot and the speaker if possible?

Any more build pics you have would be really useful

Great site btw:)


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Another Omnibot mod! We'll soon have an army of these things:)

The servo horn is screwed to the servo. The shoulder peice can be seperated into two. I put the screw in when it was seperated.

In this picture, you can see how i attached the horn to the shoulder. I used long screws (I believe they were 1").

User-inserted image

In this picture, you can see the little hole in the shoulder? I drilled that hole out so I could fit a screw driver and a screw. That is where the horn is attached to the servo.

User-inserted image

The parts and pics of the build are located here: www.ez-robot.com/Robots/Tomy-Omnibot-V1

The camera came with a wireless microphone also. I purchase the cameras from ebay. You can find them here: shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=2.4GHz+GFSK+RF+Mini+Wireless+PC+Webcam+Camera+Receiver+&_trksid=p5197.c0.m627

I will warn you, the motors are very loud. If you use the wireless camera located on the omnibot, he wont' be able to hear you very well when he is moving. So if you want him to stop, you'll most likely have to stop him manually in code. I ended up not using the microphone on the omnibot and started using the microphone on the computer instead. I turned the volume of the microphone up (not all the way, i expiremented) until i was able to speak accross the room and have it still hear me.

I think if you want to use the omnibot microphone, u may have to mount it up high and put cotton behind it to muffle the sound of the motors.

good luck! can't wait to see pics:)
United Kingdom
Hi thanks for the pics and info + links this is a big help

I agree after testing the drve motors i thought this is going to be noisy! Might have to re-think my approach to the Mic. I stll have to order the camera but got pretty much everything else as soon as the paint dries I'll start hacking the Omnibot body

I'll post pics as I go along

Cheers :) Neil
Referring to loud motors , I wonder if its feasable to coat servos and motors in dynamat sound deadening material? Maybe even the inside shell of the bot casing /body too , hush the sound.
@jstarne1 - I *think* a few people have tried foam rubber to dampen the motor noise in the Omnibots with success.
jt did they wrap the motors themselves with dynamat? thanks